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Football: Have officials rendered this season’s Premiership redundant?

April 9, 2012


Is it just myself, or is fact that every week now we are seeing disastrously inept performances from Premiership referees and their assistants¬†? Leaving my beloved T H F C out of this one for a minute, it appears to me that two clubs in the main have been getting a little more than a […]

A good win when most needed- Wolves 0-2 Spurs

September 13, 2011


Must admit I m surprised at two things here – a clean sheet and 3 points at a venue which has rarely been fruitful for Spurs. My goodness we needed this , 3 points gets us up and running and with Liverpool next (still smarting from the Stoke defeat) it was vital we got something […]

We are still sleeping. THFC 1-5 Cheque Books!

August 29, 2011


We handed this match to the opposition with Redknapp’s team selection. It was only when Modric left the field that morale noticeably lifted with the introduction of Livermore. Why is he putting square pegs in round holes? Why does he seem to think the current poorly-balanced squad is anyone’s problem but the managers? So that’s […]

Wake up Spurs before it’s too late!

August 24, 2011


Rather than post my own thoughts about Monday’s “game”, in this instance I refer you to the admirable forum . Please visit it if you are a Spurs follower and read the admirable article posted up there headlined as above: “Wake up etcetc “. I really could not have said it any better. (NB: […]

Home crowd silenced by composed performance- Hearts 0, Spurs 5.

August 19, 2011


Not sure how many times this season I ll be able to report on such a pleasurable 90 minutes viewing , but certainly this will have done us no harm confidence-wise before we take on Manchester United on Monday. All 5 goals were extremely well taken and the moves leading up to them involved a […]

What must the chairman be thinking?

August 18, 2011


Sorry, but I just had to get my thoughts on this posted. I m sick of hearing our “manager” , Mr Redknapp constantly being interviewed by his friends in the media and talking about the proud club he is in charge of almost in the 3 rd person venacular? Suddenly he has become coy, evasive […]

Luka Modric -You stupid boy!

June 19, 2011


Is how my old friend Arthur “Captain Mainwaring” would address him…. The media-fuelled events of this weekend regarding the situation surrounding our Croatian midfielder, Luka Modric mean that we are compelled to post a blog entry out of season. Whatever is he thinking of talking to the press and revealing he wants to leave AND […]

Spurs claim 5th and will be back in Europe

May 30, 2011


A fairly close run thing in the end, but our last day win ensured that we enter the Europa league next August, with a plethora of games on Thursdays and Sundays. With our squad, this should not stretch us too much and I see it as an opportunity to blood the youngsters. What we must […]