Luka Modric -You stupid boy!

June 19th, 20117:52 am @


Is how my old friend Arthur “Captain Mainwaring” would address him….

The media-fuelled events of this weekend regarding the situation surrounding our Croatian midfielder, Luka Modric mean that we are compelled to post a blog entry out of season.

Whatever is he thinking of talking to the press and revealing he wants to leave AND to which club he wishes to go?

It does nt work like that sonny Jim!

And what do you expect the response to be from Daniel to such an unprofessional , childish outburst?

Had they (£700m in debt FC) quietly gone about their business, and offered £42m there is every chance we would have entered polite negotiations and replaced him with a more robust and skilful midfielder (or three).

And saying Chelsea are a bigger club is just not  true – they still cannot sell out their home games without radio advertising, they have a team full of ageing has-beens and  they are the most likely of the current top 4 to lose their Champions league place next season.

Quite apart from the fact they have no manager, they have an interfering chairman who doesn t understand the first thing about the game , are millions and millions in unrecoverable debt and in 12 months will be forced to stop spending or face the prospect of being kicked out of Europe!

And little Luka, matey, you need to start to think about your own game – get off your boat and back onto the training pitch.

 Your finishing (and in many cases your final ball) are just not good enough and frankly your open goal miss against Arsenal when you contrived to blast the ball against a grounded goalkeeper at 3-3 as well as the dismal miss at Eastlands that would have put us ahead against Citeh arguably cost us Europe!!  

As for Chelsea- well dream on lads . WE DO NOT SELL PLAYERS TO YOU, and if you think you can unload your “has-beens” like the immobile Michael Essien (surely one of the league’s dirtiest players) to an up and coming young team like ourselves, THEN YOU HAVE ANOTHER THINK COMING!!