My monthly BBC Radio Leeds / Sheffield one-hour feature starts Wednesday July 4th.

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As the tremendously popular Steve White moves on, his superb BBC Radio Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday evening soul show is to be handed over to John Kane.

John will produce and the present the programme which is broadcast between 19.00 – 22.00 hrs on BBC Radio Leeds ( 92.4 / 95.3 FM and DAB) and BBC Radio Sheffield ( 88.6 / 104.1 FM and DAB).

The format will remain the same with the first two hours dedicated to listener’s favourite Northern Soul and Motown, and the final hour to Modern Soul.

My involvement will be on the first Wednesday of every month when I will present the middle hour, 20.00 -21.00.

As well as playing 8 of my all-time favourite Northern classics back to back, I am also inviting listeners to contact the programme to participate in three separate features that I will run each month.

*  Who’s your all -time favourite soul artist or group? ( please suggest 3 tracks)

*   Where was your favourite venue, past or present? ( Name the venue, perhaps some memories and name 3 tracks that associate with the club)

*  What was your favourite record shop? ( where did you used to buy your records? What gems did you unearth in a market stall or a “junk” shop? Let me have the title of one particular favourite  track you bought or discovered there. )

If you would like to make contact with me and put forward your selections for broadcast consideration, then please e mail me ASAP to or go via John at :

My first feature will run in John’s programme on Wednesday July 4th.