What must the chairman be thinking?

August 18th, 20116:56 am @


Sorry, but I just had to get my thoughts on this posted.

I m sick of hearing our “manager” , Mr Redknapp constantly being interviewed by his friends in the media and talking about the proud club he is in charge of almost in the 3 rd person venacular?

Suddenly he has become coy, evasive and like a man resigned to his fate…whatever that may be?

How do the players he “needs to get rid off first” before he can move into the transfer market feel about his comments?

I m sure they are not feeling any more motivated for the new season than the ones he intends to keep who also hear him conceding that will will not make the top 4 this season before a ball is kicked in anger?

 Bill Nick would be turning in his grave – as for Daniel Levy, watch out for swift action being taken very soon if Harry continues to sleepwalk into the new season ……………….I wonder if the first wake up call will come in Edinburgh tonight?

47 years ago we took Dave Mackay from them in a nightime raid – surely one of our greatest ever players and someone who would never have raised the white flag as Harry does almost daily.

Sad times indeed – but at least Ancelotti is still residing in central London.